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#1 8 years ago

In-case anyone missed this (Danny, perhaps =p):


Here are my thoughts which I had posted at a Fable fansite:

Me I haven't seen it posted here. It was an interesting video interview, but some things were explained before already (e.g. the wings). I'm also quite amazed to hear (which I do for the first time) that your character's muscles will develop depending on whether you use heavier weapons or not. On that note, the picture at 5:47 looks awesome, granted that us heroes can become as nice as that!

I also had to chuckle immensely at PM's comment about French tending to be leaning toward evil, while most Americans (80%) tend to be the good ones. I don't know if it's exactly true, but a hilarious comment of PM. [/QUOTE]

"§ephiroxa§" First off: The whole thing with the "You'll get bigger depending on what weapon you use" and all that jazz, I won't believe a word of it until I see it in game. Because I remember while he was working on Fable 2 "The world will change around you" no..no it really doesn't. It does to a point, but not as much as he said "leaves will change color, and fall around you constantly" nope..didn't see anything like that either.

the man constantly spews things out of his mouth, about all the cool features he's ganna have, then we get..like..Next to nil of them.

I'm looking foward to Fable 3, and the wings look super cool. But I don't believe a word he says, until I see the game in action myself.

"Me" I disagree with you completely. That is, not believing a single word of what he had said. Granted, Peter Molyneux did make some promises and hasn't fulfilled them. However, many people seem to oversee that nearly everything he promised was in development at the time already. However, in the end it seemed it was too much for the game to handle, and it got cut out.

Again, Peter did make sure it was in development, but discovered that he could not actually make them practical in the end. Unfortunate, but Peter Molyeux has a great mind and fantasy in overall, and it should be respected. To be fair, there are only a few real developers out there who actually are as dedicated, passionate and whatnot for what they do, such as Peter Molyneux.

You have shown a similar mindset about this as Mr.Matt -- someone at FileFront Gaming Forums -- and this is what I thought about it.

"§ephiroxa§" Edit: I don't know why he thinks americans lean more towards evil. I'm american and the first time I played fable, I was SOO Excited to be evil and have those cool horns They're so sexy. Being evil is the best, I can be a good guy in ANY game
"Me" I don't believe he thinks that Americans lean more toward evil generally. I think they looked at some leaderboard statistics or something. I'm not entirely sure on that matter, though.
[QUOTE="Gikoku Harakami"] However the lack of proper facial customization for the Fable games is my biggest gripe (which we were discussing earlier) and prevents the hero from truly being unique and our own. [QUOTE="Me"] I can't agree enough to that. As I've told you before, I'd absolutely love an expanded and thoroughly-made general customization for my hero, just like we could in the Mass Effect series and the likes. Would be a true shame if not. Doing so would add yet another extra piece of superb uniqueness to Lionhead and the Fable franchise in general.


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#2 8 years ago
However the lack of proper facial customization for the Fable games is my biggest gripe (which we were discussing earlier) and prevents the hero from truly being unique and our own.

Before watching the interview, there's one thing about this that made me sigh. The game might not have allowed direct facial customization, but if you look at some of the character compilations, you'll find that each hero is shaped differently. My hero turned out completely different from what I had seen other people experience. If you tried to mimic another persons actions, your hero would still turn out completely different.

And now that I have watched the interview, I have to say my excitement is growing. The gameplay footage at the back seems to present some interesting things, such as the gameplay from after acquiring the crown(apparently). The gauntlet system sounds fantastic as well, and it looks like it works better than the other system. Makes sense about the morphing system. Do I believe what Molyneux says? Yes. Do I believe he will fulfil these promises? Certainly. Do I read between the lines? No. What he stated in the interview sounds reasonable, as most of it is slightly improved or derivative features from the first and second games.

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#3 8 years ago

I'm disappointed that nobody's questions were asked despite promises to the opposite.


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