Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition or Modern Warfare 2? 101 replies

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#101 11 years ago
Serio;4976955Genres in the gaming industry work exactly like the genres in the music industry. There's master genre, then sub genres. The RPG elements greatly outnumber the FPS elements in Fallout 3, thus it's an RPG with FPS elements. It's a genre, people. If it makes you sleep at night, call it an FPSRPG, or RPGFPS. The OP didn't ask whether he should get an FPS or an RPG(FPS), but rather whether he should get one game, or another.

Hey, it wasn't a problem till that one guy thought it would be fun to argue about the unargueable.

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#102 11 years ago

The question has been answered, and there's nothing left to discuss so I'll close the thread to prevent getting further off-topic. If someone else feels it's important to discuss which genre a game belongs to, start a thread about it.