Fallout 76 group perma-banned over spate of homophobic attacks 1 reply

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#1 1 year ago

A trio of high level Fallout 76 players have been banned for life by Bethesda after a spate of homophobic attacks against other players, according to Eurogamer.

The group, lead by player NathanTheHicc, stated to another player "I don't fuck with that homo shit" when told by another player they had a "cute outfit", before leaving and then returning with an entourage of other players, who proceeded to attack the player while hurling homophobic abuse over voice chat.

The players under attack decided to wait out the abuse, knowing the game reduces PvP damage to players who do not fight back, but the abuse continued. One of the victims, named AJ, said;

They stuck with it and even joked about how 'this is the strongest queer I've ever seen'

AJ and his fellow players decided to move to another server, but after the incident they struggled to report the incident to Bethesda, thanks to the lack of in-game reporting tools, leaving them to resort to Twitter. 

After reaching a community manager at Bethesda, they where directed to a support page where they could apparently report the incident, only to find the page didn't work;

The site asked for a video file of the incident but the accepted file types weren't video files. So we couldn't send one, for me, the page would not even load. It seems very difficult to report players.

Ironically, it was NathanTheHicc himself who managed to alert Bethesda to the incident, and thus the resultant inflicting ban, after he uploaded the entire incident to YouTube under the title of "Cleansing of the queers".

He has since stated that, although he does not dispute the incident in question, he does not "hate gay people" and that the incident was "just a bit of late night fun" and that he "does not regret the incident", refusing to apologize.

In the end, however, it's cost NathanTheHicc greatly, as he has now received a permanent ban from the game from Bethesda, although concerns still exist on how long, and how difficult, it was for Bethesda to notice and respond to the incident, as AJ states;

Simply blocking someone from a session is only temporarily protecting yourself, but not stopping anything from happening again or to other people. For 76 specifically, non-PvP servers would be great. Maybe things would have been different if they were not able to kill us. Despite all the bugs and glitches, the game is fun when you're with friends and can casually explore and play

Hopefully this incident will alert Bethesda to the need for proper player reporting in a future patch to the game.

Danny King | Editor-in-Chief | GameFront.com 

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#2 1 year ago

Fucking hilarious that in the end, the idiot basically got himself banned. Bethesda being so damn difficult to reach is a very bad thing, though. With a persistent, online game like Fallout 76, you want staff on hand to assist 24/7. Or at least as damn close to 24/7 as possible.