Fallout 76 mods are coming, but not until late 2019 2 replies

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#1 9 months ago

There's been a lot of speculation and statements of intent, but nothing firmly in stone, from Bethesda about weather Fallout 76 will support private servers, and by extension, mods. There has been something of a development on this today however as Bethesda's VP Pete Hines confirmed to Gamespot that the feature is definitely coming, but we may have to wait a lot longer than hoped.

He confirmed that while mods and mod support will  never come to the public servers, they will be permitted when private servers come to private servers, but that support for those potentially won't be coming until late 2019.

I don't foresee a universe in which we allow players to come in [to public servers] with their own unique and different mods. If you want to run mods, they'll have to be done on a private server. You'll be deciding what sort of mods you're including and running, and everyone playing on that server is playing with those mods.

And it makes perfect sense for mods to be restricted to private servers, unless tightly controlled and cosmetic, it causes all kinds of fairness and logistical challenges to public servers. It's great to see that Bethesda are taking the two requested features seriously though, even if it does take a long time for it to materialise.

In the mean time, Fallout 76 recently went into B.E.T.A., and is due to release on October 23rd, and in the mean time, you can talk about Fallout 76 right here on GameFront...

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#2 9 months ago

I can only hope it doesn't launch with a crazy bugs like the past few games. It's funny the first time but it kinds of loses its fun eventually. Now public servers not having mods, honestly I don't think I'll miss that since my experience with TF2 and some other Valve titles had me downloading some pretty unwanted addons as it is.

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#3 9 months ago

At the very least, at least they are allowing private servers. Not allowing that has been the downfall for some games.