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#1 10 years ago

^FaR^ (First Assault Recon) is now recruiting ^FaR^ was started wayyy back in 2007 and we merged with a different clan but now i am back to start up ^FaR^ again ^FaR^ Fushupork and myslef are the clan leaders. We play games and just chill on the computer.

^FaR^ is a multigaming community. ^FaR^ accepts all members no matter how much skill or what age you are we just ask that you are mature and respect all admins and members. ^FaR^ is a place where gamers and come and meet other gamers play with them in game and talk to each other. ^FaR^ uses Teamspeak a VoIp program we use to comunicate while in-game or out of game it helps our members get to know each other and make online friends. ^FaR^ is a community so all desicions will be made by all members and/or Admins. So please visit our forums Index of /. sign up and post your application today.