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#1 12 years ago

We are now recruiting for the =FEC= Flying Eagles Alliance Clan! Visit http://fealliance.net for information. How Long We've Been Up: We have just started this clan so there is a total of only 2 people in this clan we just need more people to join. Description: We are a Great Clan Dedicated to Having Fun. We are a NO CHEAT clan. We are an America''s Army Only Clan. So please take the time to register to explore our wonderful site and maybe even join the clan. If you wish to join our clan please go to the forums for applications. Our Servers: We have a 16 player AA Honor Server. The server is located in Dallas, TX. We also have a 15 slot Teamspeak server which is also located in Dallas, TX and will be upgraded when our clan gets bigger. These are our current IP Connect address for the servers. Gameserver IP's: fec.ath.cx:1716 -or- Teamspeak IP's: fects.ath.cx:8768 -or- cordesh.zebgames.com:8768 -or- Our System: We are a rank based america's army clan we do have clan meetings to improve our clan even better. Our Site: We are currently running the latest version of phpnuke platinum with MP3 player, Arcade, phpbb forums, Teamspeak block, Gameserver block(Currently not working), & more. So if your interested in joining the clan go to http://fealliance.net and apply NOW!