Fifa 11: Any Way To 'Auto Make' Team Based On Best Players? 2 replies

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22nd July 2009

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#1 8 years ago

Fifa 11 for Xbox 360...

I've never played Fifa before, and have always been a PES fan up until now. I decided to give Fifa a shot this year, and it seems pretty good so far. I've started career mode, and was just wondering if there was a way to sort it so that it automatically puts your best players into your starting line up. I remember you could do this in PES quite easily, and it'd put the best players into their best positions so that you had the best squad possible with the players available to you. It seems that the only way to do this in Fifa is to manually check which position will give the best overall rating for each player & then to put them in that position. This is a bit of a hassle, having to do it with every single player in my team in order to make the best possible starting line up. For example, let's say I have a 65 rated player as a LB but I have another 4-5 LB's in my team available to me. One of those LB's may be rated higher than 65, but I'd have to manually move each one of them into the LB position to check, which will get a bit tiresome after a while having to do it with every player in my team. I'd appreciate some help with this, thank you.



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24th August 2010

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#2 8 years ago

It has never been a past feature in other Fifa titles, however I would be able to say for certain as I have not as yet played the game... Google offers no clues either


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#3 8 years ago

I don't think you can. There was an assistant manager in Fifa 10's Manager Mode but his team selection was rubbish, he'd put midfielders at LB, etc.. If a player gets injured, you can let the assistant manager automatically set the team line-up, that's the closest ive seen to this in Fifa 11 so far.