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23rd March 2007

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#1 11 years ago

Ok guys as you know I'm somewhat of a Final Fantasy fan among others. For those who do play Final Fantasy a lot, do you ever do any special challenges you set yourself for the game aside from playing it normally? For example, I'm currently in the middle of doing a SNES Final Fantasy III Terra-only game. My Terra Stats: Lv: 54 HP: 4290 MP: 665 Vigor: 38 Speed: 41 Stamina: 39 Mag. Pwr: 57 Equipment: Illumina, Paladin Shld, Mystery Veil, Crystal Mail Other examples: FF7 - No Materia/Initial Equipment/Low Level etc. FF12 - Solo Character/No Gambit/No Licence Board et al. Post your "special challenges" here. Sam :)