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#1 2 months ago

Final Fantasy XV's DLC plans have been severely curtailed following the depature of game director Hajime Tabata, according to a livestream by Square Enix earlier today, with only one of the four planned DLC packs now scheduled for release.

The only DLC pack to remain of the four, which focused on four characters, is the Ardyn pack, with the Aranea, Lunafreye and Noctis packs all being cancelled.

The developers are not putting the cancellation squarely on the shoulders of Tabata's depature,  however, with the developer stating that the developers working on the DLC had to be redeployed to another AAA title.

The Final Fantasy XV development team wish to thank all players who have taken this journey with them and will celebrate the experience with fans to the end.

The company confirmed that the team working on the game, and DLC, had moved onto a new subsidiary company called Luminous Productions, formed around that team, and that they have been established to deliver a completely new AAA experience, but they didn't say which this would be an existing established IP, or something brand new.

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