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29th May 2008

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#51 9 years ago
Mr. Matt;5386153tWas mostly a British thing to be fair. Didn't really make it abroad very well.

I'm Enlgish..... Probably don't recgonise it because it's quite old. Just curious as to why I've never even HEARD of it.

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#52 9 years ago

Even here it was more of a nerdy console like the C64 than a cool console like the 2600, and it never attained the Market share of either. According to my dad, he only picked it up because of it's programming flexibility.

He used to use it to put customised messages on VHS tapes for local rental stores apparently.

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#53 9 years ago


It had a awesome chess program.

This is the one I learned basic on and can still remember a lot of it even now.

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The BBC model B. This was mainly in schools in the very early 80s with the Acorn Atom being the home model.



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30th August 2010

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#54 9 years ago

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for Sega Genesis. My dad bought it brand new for my older sister when she was 2 (I was 1 so I had no interest in playing until I got older, like 2 lol.) When I saw her playing it as a toddler I wanted to play it (I was born in '93) I played the 2 player where the screen splits into 2 and I kept beating my 3 year old sister! (this was a year after she got it) We still play sometimes even though she is in college but the exact same Sega Genesis (now with the Sega-CD add-on is in my room running perfectly fine, which makes me wonder why some 360's RRoD in a matter of months.


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#55 9 years ago

Sonic the hedgedog on the game gear!!!!!lol



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10th September 2010

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#56 9 years ago

Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear is what introduced me to PC gaming. I've been hooked ever since. I still have the entire series but my PC has made it outdated so I can no longer play it. Awesome series tho.



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20th February 2008

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#57 9 years ago

ET for Atari