FPS games-special abilities like bunny hop ? Hax ? 22 replies

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15th October 2005

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#21 11 years ago


All I can say is GROW UP.

You start a thread asking for advice and get stroppy with people who try to help you.

Let me give you some tips to how you can be a better gamer.

1) LEARN TO TYPE Don't use abbreviations like u and hax. They make you sound like a complete retard who thinks "1337 speak" is cool. It's not. It's retarded.

2) Don't be a hyprocrite

For me...Ill let it go....Fucking hax is cheating and I cant believe Valve allowed this.madx.gif
EDIT-I got the script so eat dirt Milo.....and it works ! yay............hahahahahahhaa

Scripts ARE hacks. So by your own argument you're a cheater...

3) WATCH, don't PLAY, pros. Playing pros won't help you, due to the fact they won't give you a chance to kill them. Watching them allows you to STUDY their tactics.

4) Don't be so childish. Coming on to forums to ask for help and then rubbishing the guy who gives you that help? What the hell dude, you're acting like a goddamn 12 year old. GROW THE HELL UP.

Follow those four steps and MAYBE someone will take you SERIOUSLY.


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#22 11 years ago

I do not use scripts.First I thought they worked but,it was just a lucky strike. Bunny hop once, maybe I can do it again.I said I was sorry afterall. Well it´s over now. :-)

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#23 11 years ago

This ends now. No more half-assed (or entirely-assed) flaming. Exo changed his mind (lucky for him), and that's that. End of story. Advice can be given, but "ZOMG U FCKING NOOB CHEATZOR I CANT STAND YOU" is not acceptable.