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#1 11 years ago

I just bought Civilization IV Gold Version. I played the regular version a few years back and LOVED it! The game installed fine. It starts fine. It works fine!.. for awhile, then either: A. the screen freezes, although I can still hear the music and move the cursor around, and if I click, I can hear the noise it makes, and when this happens, I can alt+tab or ctrl+alt+dlt and it goes back to the desktop in 4-bit color ( to possibly shed some light on what may be the problem, when this happens I can go into Display>Settings>Advanced>Troubleshooting and turn acceleration to none, which switches desktop display back to normal, and back to full which allows me continue playing without having to restart the game), or B. the whole computer freezes, the sound stops, and after awhile it restarts. The game is the final release, build version I tried to install the patch but it didn't acknowledge Civ as being installed. I have changed all of the graphics options to all kinds of combinations and still have the problem. It seems like a video problem to me but I have uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics driver several times. I have tried everything I can think of. I have searched the web and tried any suggestions I could find. Some body mentioned in a post they were pissed 2K ruined their favorite game with this version. I hope this isn't the case!! PLEASE! Help! Thanks in advance!