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15th November 2004

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#1 16 years ago

The best part of this game is going online, finding the history nerds, and running them over as vast armies of peasants from any random nation. They'll argue that you either a) screwed up the game files or b) Just screwed up their game for not playing right. Peasants weren't a main force, never! The kings and knights did it all!! Than you have a rematch and repeat your deed as the Pope with those hooded psychos with clubs. Afterwards, you be merry England and shoot them with longbows. Point is, they'll react funny if you stampede over them with any one type of unit. I love it, it's why I keep playing. By the by, I never edit in anyway. It's pure, legal fun. Teaches humility to everyone else. Plus, if they defeat you, you can honestly say, 'Good game,' thus teaching them sportsmanship, too. Though they don't play sports...