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#1 13 years ago

Is it just me, or does it seem like video game design has got it all wrong and has had it wrong from the beginning? Casual games, shooters, platformers, old 2D games, RPGs, you name it. I've been a video game fanatic most of my life. Almost an addict until recently. But I suddenly realized I never really liked any game itself(unless the game play was catchy or addictive), I had always just loved graphics and animations. Now I have spent thousands of dollars on games with good graphics and the hardware required to play them, when most of the time I don't finish a game. So now that I've told you a little bit about myself and my stance of video games, I'll go on explaining in detail what I mean and what I think a video game should be.

Casual Games

First of all, I'd like to address casual games and/or "small" games, if you will. Their fun, their addictive, and their cheap. But what are you really doing when you play these games? Running a restaurant? Monopolizing a market? Taking over the world? Solving mind puzzles? Math? All of these things could be real world jobs or roles. Granted, you probably won't be attempting to take over the world in your life time. But what about math? You could be a scientist, mathematician, etc. etc. Wouldn't it be more fun to use math in real world situations with real people where it counts?

Or how about restaurant management? Wouldn't you rather work with REAL people in a REAL restaurant? I'm not saying playing that video game is like managing a real restaurant in any way, I'm just saying that using your brain in the same way(thinking on your feet and solving problems) in real situations would be better? It's so much more in depth and unexpected because it's real.

I could go on and on about different games and their real would counterparts, so I'll try to sum it up if you didn't understand what I was saying. Life can often be like playing an addictive game on its own, but much more meaningful and in depth. Not to mention rewarding.

Some people talk about a dream console where you use your body to make movements. I think that would work if it would have you do something you couldn't normally do, like be the main character of a action movie(I'll talk more about that below). It wouldn't work if you were playing a casual game or even a game like Animal Crossing. I mean, a game where you live a standard life or have a standard job? Is that really more entertaining than the real world?

In Depth Games

I'll admit it, it's very easy for me to get lost in a world of constant reward. Such as World of Warcraft. I played that game for a year! Once I finally quit I asked myself, "What did I just do for a whole year of my life?!" I had pretty much missed my entire freshman year of high school. I could have had so much fun with REAL friends, but I spent all my time playing warcraft.

I now realize that life is so much more rewarding. It's just not as constant or obvious. Such as when I was in my school marching band. The whole band worked so hard on a show, and when we pulled it off, I felt so great. Better than hitting the highest level and getting the best gear ever would. I know that sounds silly, but it's a start for me. Hopefully things will be ever more rewarding and make me feel even better later on in my life. I'll be soon entering my sophomore year in high school and I hope it doesn't go like last year! I want to be more social and seriously try to learn things. Enough about me, though, back to the games.

In a lot of deeper and longer games, they require you to do something over and over and over again, maybe in a slightly different way as you progress. Is this fun? The last game I've tried to beat was Resident Evil 4. Does shooting zombies really stay fun? I got tired of it long before I was even halfway through the game. Yet it has me do this, over and over and over again. I really feel like I need variety to play a game all the way through. No matter what I'm doing or how hard I try to convince myself that I'm doing something fun.


I'm going to make this simple. A lot of game graphics try to mimic real life. You know what looks more beautiful than any 3D game engine? Real life!! Games that don't try to do that can look very stylish in their own digital way, don't get me wrong.

My Idea of a Good Game

This is very hard to explain what I'm imagining, but I'll try. You would play through a storyline. Having you do different things all the time. Not completely stalling a story so you can shoot off a couple hundred bad guys of solve an irrelevant puzzle. It would be as cinematic as a movie is. In fact, it would be better if the game was as solid as a Spielberg movie itself. You would just play the parts of main characters as you do what they would do. You would go through a real Grade A adventure, and not the type of adventure that has been standardized by games these days. An adventure like you would read in a book or see in a movie.

I'll edit this post later to give an example of what I mean. I'll need to think on it for a while, because I can't quickly think up of what would be good game play.

I know I'm young, so I can't really say I know about life yet. I don't even have a job. I just really wanted to rant about video games. I mean, I've wasted my life so far in them. And I've seen what they are doing to kids my age. So if you could, please go easy on any rants you have them.

Hope I don't suck! ^^ :cool:


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#2 13 years ago

Ehh, Half- Life 2 ep. 2 will be as good looking as real life. So ur wrong there.