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#1 13 years ago

Hello, I'm stuck with a rather irritating problem. A while ago I made a backup of Black & White 2 so that just in case I somehow lost my cd's, I'd be safe. Unfortunatly the cd's wouldn't copy directly (anti-piracy and all), so I resorted to simply ripping the directory straight to a dvd. Worked just fine. Black & White 2 doesn't need a registry file in order to run the game. It does however need the registry in order for the expansion to be installed. I have only myself to blame for this stupid error, and would be most gracious indeed if someone were to help me out of this hole that I've dug myself into. If anyone here is familiar with working with RegEdit, please send the Black & White 2 registry file to me(it's a very small file). If no one here has a clue as to what I'm talking about, I'll explain how to extract a registry, it's pretty simple.

1) - click "start" on your windows taskbar 2) - click "run", then type "regedit" into the field 3) - (a window pops up that has 5 categories to choose from) expand the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" category 4) - expand the "SOFTWARE" category

Alrighty, we're almost there. Since this is the place where your computer keeps track of what's installed on your machine, things like games are usually organized based on their maker(ie: EA Games, LucasArts, etc). There are 2 options now. You can either do a search for Black & White 2, or you can locate it manually(which I've found is usually more accurate). When finding a game manually, you'll need to know who makes the game. So in this case we'll look under either EA Games or Electronic Arts. If the game isn't listed under these categories, my other thought is that it would be under Lionhead Studios.

Once you have located the game, simply right click on the registry entry for it and hit "Export". Type a name, and the location where you want it saved(I'd recommend the desktop), and you're done!

This is the file that I would LOOOOVE to have in my possesion, if you could send it to me at [email][/email] I'd be most appreciative! I would much rather have this file, as oppossed to buying Black and White 2 all over again...

Thanks again! :bows: