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#1 2 years ago

So if you had to choose, what Game universe would you live in? What role/job would you pick and why?

So you all know my pick. Warhammer 40k yeah that's right. I'd say Pre-Heresy. My role yup Space Marine. My Chapter Salamanders what role?  Pyre Guard.

"You are my finest drakes, my most trusted advisors. Our father fashioned us as crusaders, to bring fire and light to the darkest reaches of the galaxy. Our task is to protect mankind, shield humanity." — Primarch Vulkan addressing the Pyre Guard before the assault on Khar-tann City

I would want to be close to my Primarch Vulkan to see his heroic deeds and purge the Xeno with fire! Plus Vulkan is pretty chill you know when not murdering Xeno's. So TL'DR kick back and kill shit with Vulkan. Then meet Numeon and see if he wants to burn stuff.

"We have all burned. Down in the fire pits, or from the brander's iron in the solitorium, we have all touched the fire. It leaves scars, even for us. We carry them proudly, with honor. But the scars we took that day on that battlefield, we bear only with shame and regret. They are a memorial in flesh, a physical reminder of everything we have lost, a burn even we fire-born cannot endure without pain." — Artellus Numeon Captain of the Pyre Guard

[color=#000000][size=2][b][i]Heralds of the coming doom, Like the cry of the Raven, we are drawn, This oath of war and vengeance, On a blade of exalted iron sworn, With blood anointed swords