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#1 9 years ago

Gaming Chair For my AS DT Project I am planning to make a Gaming Chair with folding away keyboard table.Would any of you mind answering their few questions to help me get an idea of the problems with current ones?

1. Do you own a Gaming Chair, for example a Pyramat? (Y/N) 2. Do you try and use your gaming chair for general computer use not just for console gaming? (Y/N) 3. Do you find it hard to store your Gaming Chair when it is not in use? (Y/N) 4. Which features of some current Gaming Chairs are most important to you? (Please number in order of importance, where 1 is most important and 5 is least important. Mark with 0 if it has no affect on you.) a. Folding b. Wireless Audio c. Adjustable Backrest d. Multiplayer Connection e. Headphone Jack for Private Gaming f. Other (Please Specify) 5. Are there any particular problems with a current Gaming Chair? 6. How often do you play games in your gaming chair every week?