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#1 15 years ago

General Gaming Guidelines - Warez & Piracy Requests for warez and warez links will be treated as piracy. This includes requests or provision of CD keys, cracks, serials, and pirated software or movies of any kind. The promotion of peer-to-peer client software is also strictly forbidden. Any member found to be breaching this guideline, will be banned from Gaming Forums permanently. [COLOR=Red]

  • Don't ask for cracks, no-cd patches or cd-keys.
  • Don't ask for full game version downloads.

[/COLOR] - Flaming Flaming will not be tolerated in this forum, having a joke about is fine but getting out of hand and picking on members is not.From now on, members caught being insulting or hurtful toward other members in this forum will have user notes applied to them. After 3 user notes I will request that the poster be temporarily banned.

- The Backseat moderation What is a backseat moderation? It's quite simple: Some members feel that they can just post in a thread only to say: - "This should be in the ...... forum" - "This should be closed" - "This thread is spam" - "This should be "insert any moderating decision here" This has to stop.Only the Gaming Forums staff has the power and the authority to manage the content and the location of a thread. No one else.If you're replying to a thread with a relevant reply, then at the end of your post, you're adding "I think this thread is in the wrong forum and should be anywhere", then it's OK. Else, if you have nothing to say in this thread, use the report button. It's made for it.If the only content of your post is a backseat moderation, then it will be deleted as spam.

- Reporting Post Which Violate The Guidelines If you see a post which needs reporting, click on the "report post" button, and then make a post in the thread simply saying "reported". We don't need 4 people to report one bad post. Whoever first reports the thread should post saying they have done so, and then other members know that the post has been reported.

The Console Sub-forums Please be aware that there are sub-forums for news/questions/discussions regarding consoles. The main console sub-forum is found here. Inside there you will find sub-forums for the three main consoles. Please make all threads which are about anything related to either consoles in their specific sub-forum. This includes threads on: upcoming games; news; tech threads; game help threads, and anything else.

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#2 15 years ago

An update:

Please do not post game reviews taken from other sites and just paste them here. You may link to them, but unfortunately we have had a few attempts at plagiarism (posting a review and acting as if it were your own) recently and I would like to reduce them.



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#3 14 years ago

Posting Links to Online Games

Please use the Shameless Advertiser for posting all links advertising free, web-based games.

You may post threads in General Gaming for discussions about said games, but any threads which are blatant advertising will be removed. Whether a thread is deemed to be advertising or not is determined by the moderators of General Gaming, and their decision is final.

Posting links with referalls for web-based games is not allowed. E.g. you may not post a link that, when clicked, gains you some points or other such goodies in an online game. Threads like these will be deleted.