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10th November 2004

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#11 6 years ago

For them to say that they are returning C&C back to the core of what it was built on and then say they are not including a single player story is absolute shit. The older C&C games were story first and multiplayer second.

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#12 6 years ago

Fun fact: I played the original C&C for the story and single-player. I don't even know if the original C&C had MP, but I'm sure it wasn't the core. Really, this is just another business decision masked as a gaming decision.

EA's pure corporate attitude about gaming and stupid moves have led me to hate them with a passion over the last few months since that attitude is killing the industry (along with other publisher's pure corporate attitudes about gaming).

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#13 6 years ago

Back to the roots? What made Command & Conquer great? What made it great was the over the top tongue-in-cheek singleplayer storytelling!

Admiral Antilles;5656170Its supposedly going to be Free to play, so your money doesnt matter. For the basic game that is.

Unless I want to win.



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#14 6 years ago

What???? I have to wait or be logged in to play? Just love playing in the skirmish and AI mode just to practice or letting the time pass by... I really hate this but I'm still curious to try it...


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#15 6 years ago

EA should give up on the C&C series. I grew really tired of them come Red Alert 3. There was just nothing new. What was before that? Tiberium Wars? That was nothing special either.

I'm thinking they need to work on something fresh for a change. That being said, their latest idea of removing single player is not too short of a stupid idea.

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#16 6 years ago

New news from the front.


Seems they are listening to the outcry. No news on whether it will be included in the full product, or available post launch.



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19th February 2005

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#17 6 years ago

Video game companies these days greatly overestimate how much I don't want to castrate 90% of the idiots I meet on the internet. I feel like the current video game market is a lot like what any other industry might be if the head office was literally just the jackasses who make the television commercials; a bunch of conceited marketeers who sell gimmicks as innovation and inconveniences as features.

Typically though, other industries can't pull off functioning this way, since very few people would buy a Grill that required you to buy a different expansion pack every time you wanted to cook a different kind of steak, or that wouldn't let you fire it up if it wasn't verified and online.

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