(Geopolitics) MMO Strategy game on facebook! (need help 4 beta tests) 3 replies

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#1 9 years ago

Hi! An online MMO strategy game for facebook Some experienced players needed for beta tests. There are still some bugs to find. (I know some of them already, sometimes game can not connect to facebook at login screen) The game is: Geopolitics


I'll describe the game a little. The Geopolitics beta v0.2 is an internet-based feature that lets you build your own villages. You need Adobes Flash player to use or view the Geopolitics game. The Geopolitics is massive multiplayer game for facebook. You can create your own villages with more than 15 kinds of buildings and develop them through levels!. Like the similar games you create your own villages, but in Geopolitics you can freely discover the map, you can smoothly travel in the map, and you can build your own strategies better than similar games! You can send troops just by clicking on the other villages you see on the map. 1.JPG

You can goto your villages just by clicking on them. There are empty building places in your villages, you can build buildings of your like by clicking on them. There are many different types of buildings, so you can differentiate your strategies from others! 4.JPG

You can create troops from different types of soldiers, to build troops, you have to build necessary buildings first. 5.JPG

Also Geopolitics have many other features. • Make exchanges via markets • In game messaging • Buying bonuses through paypal • Incoming-outgoing troop reports • War reports • Create & join to groups, clans • Invite your friends via facebook interface • Integrated facebook forums • Everything is done by clicking on them. Minimum writings, maximum pictures, interfaces! Thanks. Geopolitics



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#2 9 years ago

Woah. Too bad it's god the pay-to-win failsystem.


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#3 9 years ago

anybody else tried? :)


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#4 9 years ago

I changed the graphics a little they're better now :)