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#1 13 years ago

Hi everyone.

Im having some troubles playing LAN with my NWN2

Well in order to play LAN I do the following

1. Disconnect from my router 2. Create/Login 3. When offline start up server(offline mode) 4. Connect to internet 5. Run Hamachi 6. Check that everyplayer is online in hamachi 7. Start the game server 8. All players go back to game and join LAN

This works great the only problem is... I want to have a dedicated server which is running the server constantly so that players can log in/out and play.

This is not possible, everytime you try to reconnect you will get something like user no accepted.

Is there any way around this??

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#2 13 years ago

Just post your server to the net and let it run then they can join from the internet.

Himachi is used to join via the ip, the ip could be dumping or changing according to your isp.

If they aren't IN your house for a lan game, set it up so it is a dedicated server.