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24th May 2004

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Clan Names: Ghost Cell, Ghost Cell 2, and Ghost Cell Europe Clan Tags: }GC{, }GC2{, and }GCE{ Website: GC E-Mail: [email=""][/email] GCE E-Mail: [email=""][/email] GC Practice: Fridays at 7 PM EST, Saturdays at 7 PM EST, and Wednesday at 7 PM EST. GCE Practice: TBC Server Info: Waiting for funds to clear for new Honor Server Communication: Team Speak IP is and that's always up. AAO Tracker Stats: Ghost Cell Tracker Stats Info: Hey, so we're an Americas' Army Clan. We have been around since January 1st, 2003 and we have been kicking some butt since then tongue.gif . We have practices weekly and were a very active clan. You will find someone on TS about 99.5% of the time if not more. We are getting an America's Army Honor Server as soon as possible. We are also a clan that DOES NOT GHOST during matches and on public servers because we think that it's cheap and not realistic. All that we do is last breath and we call out the position that we died at and then we stop talking. We also depend on teamwork and depend on each other during matches. The morale of the clan is kept VERY high up even if were losing badly. We never have negative attitudes in matches. We also participate in Team Warfare to which we recently just re-signed up to. You must also meet the following five (6) conditions in order to be considered a recruit: What We Are Looking For: We are basically looking for players from anywhere in the world. Players who enjoy the game and enjoy teamwork, making strategies, following strategies, practicing, take gaming seriously but also have fun at the same time, love playing in matches and tournament, and are dedicated to the clan is what we're looking for. You MUST be 16 or older. You MUST be a mature player. You MUST have AIM, MSN, ICQ, X-Fire, or Yahoo! instant messenger. You MUST speak English. You MUST have a microphone. You MUST be a serious and a hardcore gamer. If you don't meet the last two then contact us anyway and we will work something out smile.gif . We also participate in tournaments that you have to put in an entrance fee versus the games best of the best. To sum it up, we are a hard core gaming clan that has only one thing on their mind, which is win, teamwork, and have a hell of a time doing it. So if you're looking for a clan that offers what we offer, then contact me! Contacts are listed below. Duties: Must post in the forum at least 5 posts or replies per day (On Average). Also, must come to practices and be an active member of the clan. Recruitment Process: A player must be a recruit for 3 days, after 3 days, you will be accepted or denied. GC Contact Info: AIM: blastokid MSN: [email=""][/email] ICQ: 115408926 Yahoo!: [email=""][/email] XFire: blastokidgc E-Mail: [email=""][/email] GCE Contact Info: MSN: [email=""]the_restaurant at the end of the[/email] ICQ: 229308669 E-Mail: [email=""][/email] Sincerely, Ghost Cell Clan