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20th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hi i let run a cheatserver on my homepc,and i need a info! Is there ENY way to deactivate that damn: [color=red]god,ghost,slomo,endgame,killa,kickban,ban,...[/color]on CHEATSERVERS?? ? ? ? ? ? ? [color=black]on version 2.2 i found a editet file:agp.u ,and with that file the god,ghost,..ect was not available![/color] but on the new 2.2.1 ,that file will not work enymore :mad:

can someone please tell me how to deactivate that things?(or where i can find that editet agp.u file?)

AND GUYS: [color=blue]ITĀ“S TIME TO HELP ME THIS TIME! ! !;) [/color] THX for all replys:bows: ! ! !