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12th October 2003

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#11 13 years ago

on now that somone mentions The Godfather game

I'll help myself to ranting on how mad I am about the crappyness of the cars in the game, why the hell are they so horrible, they spent 20 mill on the game but couldnt manage to put the slightest amount of details in the cars???

The cars in Mafia are way the hell better

and why do they run so arcadish??? thats just tasteless for a game like Godfather

and I think they had more then 3 types of cars during the 20's


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#12 13 years ago

when godfather first sent out their CD-Rom games i saw on the site that alot of ppl had problems with it some of the issues were that it was just their computer blocking it in a firewall, or the comp jus wouldnt download another solution to some peoples problem was that the CD itself was just bad if worst comes to worst trade it in for a new one.. I have PS2 version but jus tellin u wat i kno

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