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#1 14 years ago

Hi, i have made a good defence for tha kylier level, i think it is called that.

Now i have figured out that a straight lie of turrets for space maines r usless, cause the nenemy can attak all at onece. so i have found out that if u do it like this it is more effective. but u need to get some of your team too help, and u can help them too. :lurk:

Download pic here

Ok, put the turrets as show, with men behind them as extra fire power.

Then put 4 whirlwinds behind them (far enough away not to get hit, but close enugh to hit) these will bombard the enemy troops.

Then get your allies to get a few tanks and people to come up behind them, to squeeeze them between turrets. When they start moving in stop the bombardment.

Then move your men forward.

In case enemys come from behind, get your whirlwinds to place bombardmenty behind your allies!

Hope it works, normally does for me!

P.S the pic is not to scale! :clap:


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#2 14 years ago

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