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#1 2 years ago

Not many of my IRL friends would appreciate this, but I had to tell someone so I'm telling you all. I've been playing competitive Overwatch since Season 2 started. I placed ~2300 SR, then almost immediately bombed to 1800. I blamed my teammates (silently- I don't flame) for choosing wrong heroes, or just being bad. But recently I actually paid the SMALLEST amount of attention to the meta, and learned how to more effectively play certain characters, specifically Zarya, Winston, and Reaper, as well as how to better play each role. Now my rank is slowly climbing back up, and today I got FOUR play of the Matches. This is special because a competitive match has multiple rounds, so to get a PotM you need to have the best play out of 4 rounds sometimes.

The first was with Reaper and an especially well-timed Ult. With 11 seconds left in the game, I teleported past the enemy team to try and cap the point. Once they realized I was back there, pretty much EVERYONE came after me, at which point I popped out from behind a wall and killed 5 of them with my Ult. The second and third were with Zarya, one good Ult, and another where I just was shielding like a BOSS, had MAX charge, and just murdered everyone. The last time was with Junkrat. This one is probably my favorite,, I had JUST killed a few enemies, when they got rezzed by Mercy. The rezzed guys plus the rest of their team were all about to run by me so I went behind a box and popped my ult, made the short hop over the box and got either a quad or quintuple kill.

I'm just very happy that I've seen significant improvement over the course of like 3 days and I wanted to share with SOMEONE who might be interested lol.