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#1 14 years ago

I'm frequently harrased with AA notifications vav my rez 'may not be compatible', yatta, yatta. Currently using a nvidia GF4 MX400 64Mb card. All drivers are current by MS, nVidia and mb specs, AMD +2500, MSI KT4V mb, WinXP and a 21" monitor with some awesome rez capabilities. I carry 3 40Gb hdd with all AA related material solitary on one separated from the hdd with the 'stash' file. I could perhaps obtain a small 4th hdd and work a RAID stripped config for speed enhancement. I have tried countless alts - even game 800x600 and monitor setting equality give problems. Not to mention what changing from high 12xx rez to 800 does to my offline viewing and the inconvienience to alternate them with the CP, Display, Monitor (yawn) dance. The boyz at the shop have no clue ... Additionally there are occassions of an nVidia submit bug report with an awesome 'dump.log' far too long to reveal here. Am I just getting old ? :bawl: Less a +3200 chip I'm maxed out. Anyone ?