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6th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello to all AA players, My name is captian B (formaly known as KillerB is sof2) I played soldier of fortune 2 since the day it came out.Hackers ruined it all. i was in top clans throughout my gaming experience. been playin AA for a little while and ithink its the most realistic game yet. If theres alota hackers i dont know but no1 seems to hack that ive seen. But me and >>pM.MajorSlut are going to try to set up a clan for AA simple basic clan to start of No set honor is required. for now i dont really care looking for people to just have somefun. Age requirement 16 (im 24) but id like amturaty please.once clan gets to know eachother and thinks we are ready and good enough we will join ladders and leagues. I can get a server running but it's very expensive in this game. If there would be people willing to help out pitching in some money everymonth you would gain admin to website ventrillo and server so please need some willing paying members if so awesome... >>pM. stand for project mayhem interested then tell me .. site will be up soon