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#1 13 years ago

We are a pretty chill clan that doesn't rely solely on skill. (we don't randomly recruit though) We have some pretty talented members and are active in all kinds of scrimmages. We do NOT have an age limit, and are about to introduce a ranking system. We play CoD1 and CoD2 and America's Army. If interested, holla! We are also in TWL and CAL.

Clan Contact Info::deal:

Clan xfire: ncjames E-mail: [EMAIL="ncjames@bellsouth.net"]ncjames@bellsouth.net[/EMAIL] Website: www.mafiagaming.5u.com Forums: www.mafiagaming.forumwise.com Vent Ip: and (not up 24/7 though) CoD2 Server: down.... :bawl: AA server: getting one CoD1 server: maybe getting one

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