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I didn't make it!

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#1 9 years ago

GTA parody of movie "300" kick to the pit of death... YouTube - GTA IV "This is Sparta"


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15th February 2008

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#2 9 years ago

Right, he fell down the stairs? Lol. Epic win for me.


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22nd September 2005

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#3 9 years ago

Sparta spoof number 1,049,752.

Old old!


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1st January 2005

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#4 9 years ago
Muztanq;4815184"This is Sparta"

Or the ole Slavic/Spartan kick anyway, looked like he caught him right in the ole Persian nutsack. LOL

I played that game a couple times through before I even realized you can go into all the subway entrances. They really should have had more missions down there. The only ones I recall are the bank heist with Packie and the one where you chase the bikers through the trains.