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#1 1 week ago

All you had to do was acquire the Lord Souls, CJ.

There's been many great mods for Dark Souls, and the recent remastered version, but more often than not they tend to be aimed at making the game harder in some way. In any event, they're almost always lore friendly.

It's ammusing therefore to see San Andreas' Carl Johnson pop up in a new mod by author Dropoff that replaces the Hard Leather set / Warrior character model with the infamous GTA protagnoist. 

It's all thanks ot a new tool created by modder Meowmartius which allows modders to import custom models into Dark Souls Remastered. The mod only works with the remastered version, but it makes the process simple and easy.

You can check out the Carl Johnson mod here, or download the model tool here.

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#2 1 week ago

Get on the Dark Souls hype train, CJ!

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