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17th August 2007

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#31 11 years ago
>Omen<;4553972Have any of you guys played Perseus Mandate? I put it off for some time for a couple reasons. One, I was burned out on FEAR having played it to death obsessing over making full level no scratch videos of it on Extreme. Two, I'd read that PM got terrible reviews, so I assumed it was worse than Extraction Point, esp considering TimeGate Studios developed it vs Monolith. Overall I was very impressed with PM though and I feel it was even better than EP. For one thing EP is too easy. There are lots of places you can just run past enemies, including the Power Armor. PM MAKES you fight the fight, and there are several good ones in it and good maps and nice new weapons and enemies too. To me, the scary thing about FEAR is the intense firefights and excellent AI, esp if you play on Extreme with Max World detail, which allows them to knock over and take cover behind crates and such. Then I imagine what those bullets would do to me in the real world and go for a no scratch outcome. You can heighten that experinece even further by setting up what I call sneak and trap scenarios whereby you sneak by several AI only to have them join a group you're advancing toward once they hear the gunfire, essentially surrounding you. This works even if you close doors behind you after sneaking by. In fact I like to close them just to give me a little more time before they come investigating. No dead to the world deafness of the AI like in other games where they can't hear what goes on 50' away from them. This is what the fear of FEAR is all about to me. Here's a couple videos I made that are short excerpts of the full level ones showing just the trap part of the sneak and trap. [COLOR=blue]Infiltration Firefight[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]Heavy Resistance Firefight[/COLOR] Here's a couple full level videos I made with the emphasis on humor, horror, and slow mo visual effects. The first has a bit of adlibbing in it to satirize the occult nature of the game, though it does have dark scenes that creep some out. [COLOR=blue]Bad Water[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]Exeunt Omnes[/COLOR]

the videos wont work for me :( but were you doing this sneak and trap thing in perseus mandate, or you can do it with all of them? if so, is it easy to sneak past because the corridors are pretty small for sneaking around.


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#32 11 years ago

I just tested all the links, they're working fine from my location at or above the speed I normally get from Filefront. Where are you downloading them from?

I haven't made any videos of Extraction Point or Perseus Mandate, just the original FEAR. Sometimes it can be very difficult to sneak past, and you can get one of several scenarios of reactions each time you load a save to try again. FEAR is like that, it keeps you guessing, and it can make it hard to make such videos.