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With GW: Factions announced, every bit of info released to the community is increasing ArenaNet's standing in leaps and bounds. Factions is looking to be the Game of the Year 2006 from every perspective as it adds so many new dimensions to Guild Wars in gameplay, style, and immersion. Guild Wars - Seriously I'm sure everyone has heard of the new realm of Cantha. What some may not have heard, is the ability to choose one of the two warring factions to side with, and work with your allies to take over territories. Needless to say, Guild Wars is about to live up to it's name, as I imagine many guilds will begin fighting for territories as early as the day of release. Those who choose not to join in the war between the two factions can still apparently play the game as neutral heroes. We have been assured that there will be no need to participate in this battle. The New Guys Well, after almost having a hand in the destruction of the world, saving Ascalon, practically eliminating the current government of Kryta, killing off more than half of the Stone Summit and having a serious decline on the Ice Imp population due to the Icy Dragon Sword farming craze, who will we meet next on our adventures? The Canthans The nation of Cantha is a cosmopolitan land of traders and merchants, led by a hereditary emperor. 200 years ago, the Emperor of Cantha was slain by his bodyguard, Shiro Tagatchi. When Shiro was brought to justice, his death wail was so powerful that it petrified the forest and turned the sea to jade. Shiro has since returned from the Underworld and is now stirring up all kinds of chaos. The Kurzick The Kurzick are an ultra-conservative and highly religious culture whose frozen society worships the status quo. The world of the Kurzicks is a mirror of the petrified forest in which they carve their homes. Not much else is known about the Kurzick faction at this time. The Luxon The Luxons are almost the exact opposite of the Kurzicks. They are a nation of wild, seafaring nomads who have traded their ships for magical walking machines with which to traverse the jade ocean. The Luxons are described as "a walking advertisement for the Darwinian social order - only the strong survive". Again, not much is currently known about the Luxon. The only thing the two factions agree on is that their war will not end until they have completely eliminated each other. Hey you kids, get offa my land! Territorial conquest is possibly one of the freshest driving forces behind Factions. This is described as a meta-game, and one which has the developers incredibly excited to see the end result of. Guilds will be able to form together in alliances. Allied guilds share a chat channel and can visit each other's guild halls. Most importantly, however, is that alliances will have a real-time map of the struggle between the Kurzick and Luxon. By participating in Alliance missions and Faction battles, players can take control of outposts and literally change each nation's control zones. No word on the rewards for doing these things has been decided, yet. To subjugate the enemy's army without doing battle is the highest of excellence.

Battle in Factions is a lot more complex than merely "kicking ass". There are now missions which will involve capturing resource points and holding off enemy teams, as well as other assorted goals which have not been mentioned. No more information has been released regarding the new mission styles, but already anticipation around the player base seems huge. It's a whole new world... So, are you used to the terrain styles and layout of Tyria? Good. Guess what? You're not going to be seeing many more areas styled like Chapter 1. The new regions have completely different philosophies regarding terrain and design. Cantha will force players to fight with the environment as well enemies. New battlefields mentioned so far include rooftops of crowded cities, temples built on the back of a tortoise :confused: , tunnels carved in the jade sea, and the elaborate hollows of the petrified forest.

Well, I suppose this puts a dampener on all the "runners" out there, then. :lol:

Rock, paper, scissors... With the addition of the two new classes, confirmed as Assassin and Ritualist, the balance of Guild Wars on the whole is going to become a lot more strategic.

The Assassin is known to have dual-wielding, teleportation, and stealth skills. The Ritualist has been described as a summoner who calls on entities to heal, damage, and buff. Basically a Ne/Mo/Me/Ra on crack. It's going to be interesting to see the new combos coming along, I imagine the amount of A/Ri's and Ri/A's to be massive in the first few months.

The new classes open up a whole new path of tactics, and hopefully teams should become a lot more balanced, and focused on planned strategies rather than pre-formed builds.

"OMGWTFPH34RMA1337MENDING!!!!": Skills 25 new skills have been announced for each current class, as well as a full compliment of skills for the Assassin and Ritualist.

So far, nothing has been announced, although rumors abound...

Factions is NOT an expansion pack! :eek: It's true. Factions has been announced as a stand-alone product. Therefore, newer players to Guild Wars can play Factions without having the original.

Factions-only players will have access to all 8 classes, however the original 6 will only have access to the "core skills" group from Chapter 1, as well as their new skills. The original 6 classes require Chapter 1 in order to get all of their skills.

Similarly, Chapter 1 players will not have access to the 25 new skills, so it's only fair that the staple classes don't get 25 of the Ch1 skills. Tough, but fair.

Trading From what I've heard/seen/read, new items from Factions are available only to players who have Factions. This makes sense. You shouldn't be able to get the new content without having the new game. Also, if Factions players were allowed to sell new items to Chapter 1 players, we'd probably see deals like "WTS Ch2 items 100k+100 ectos" and crap like that aimed at Ch1 players. So, smart move ArenaNet for avoiding that issue. Well, that's all the info I have that I can remember off the top of my head. If anyone has any more info which has been confirmed as pure fact, please post it in here. No questions about character slots please, Gaile Gray said it herself: "More than 4, less than 100". BETA EVENT There is a PvP Weekend BETA Event starting on the 20th January and ending on the 22nd. The free access key for this event will be distributed on [COLOR=red][/COLOR] starting from 13th January, or so Gaile said on one of her visits to Lion's Arch. Also, congratulations to War Machine for winning the Korean Playoff Finals of the GWWC! It's going to be interesting to see which US and Euro guilds go through into the championships.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.


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#2 12 years ago

It sounds alright. I shall definately be trying the BETA weekend out, I'm waiting for GW to open up the page so I can apply :)

I see that WAR won, yeah. I can't wait for the American match, IQ vs. Te. It's gunna be great :)