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#1 13 years ago

Have Halo 2?, have Xbox Live?, then why not join your fellow GF member and play a couple fragfests?. So, the plan is to get some people from GF and just get together and play custom matches all day and get to know one another (wether by talking or better yet with a head shot or getting smacked in the back of the head, or running some one over with a worthog while trying to steal their flag, your choice), all are welcome, we can play any gametype with any settings we all choose.

This was orriginally Gizmo's project but he cant help out for a while so he asked my to work on it.

So if you are interested, just post here and we can get things rolling. There is no set date, but I was thinking sometime soon after the first few new multiplayer maps are released which should be this next Monday (April 25th).

(Staff, dont move this thread please, I know what I am doing)