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#1 13 years ago

Howdy folks,

Now before any of you Potter-Haters flame me, bite your tongue and simply, get the hell out of this thread.

All gone? Good? Thankyou.

For a while now there have been several outcries by Harry Potter and MMO fans for a HP MMO, which, I am sure many of you will agree with, is the perfect setting for such a game.

Now back in the younger days of March 2006, Gamespot hosted a "Developer for a Day" which allowed a group of people to submit their entries for a game to be developed, the winner of the competition, was;

Hogwarts Online

Of course no developers have picked up the title yet, but the community has been pushing for it for a few years now, and I myself would love to see this produced. So from Kevin VanOrd, the winner of the competition, I present you with his design document.

Here we go.

There are some brilliantly thought out ideas in that bundle of a PDF. I seriously recommend you read through it, or at least look at his ideas.