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Proudly Presents: "Season3 Episode2: The Summoner's Awakening" www.HasteMu.net
  • Experience: 5000x
  • Drops: 80x
  • Fullly working Season1, Season2, Season3 ep1 and ep2.
  • Reset Type: Keep Stats
  • Reset Level: 400
  • Reset Payment: 200 million zen (Easy to get zen)
  • Reset System: via Website
  • Redistribute Stats: via Website
  • Spots: Very Large
  • Shops: DS/BC tickets, items+7+12+lk, orbs, scrools etc
  • Soul Success Rate: 70-80%
  • Kantru, BloodCastle, DevilSquare, CastleSiege etc events enabled
  • Custom commands for: addstats, pkclear, servertime, bring etc
  • Custom events: RushToLevel, ParadiseTime etc
  • Custom features: multivaults, minimap, 3dcamera etc
  • Server available 24/7 with 99% uptime.
  • Server connection: 1 Gbit uplink speed, supporting thousands online.
  • Dedicated Server Machine: Intel Xeon Woodcrest 5160 (4x3.0Ghz). 8 GB DDR2. 500 GB SCSI
New Game User Interface
th_82914_Screen701_24-15_596-0012_122_647lo.jpg th_82761_Entering_The_Summoner_122_557lo.jpg
The MuOnline Interface has been changed. All is using a new protocol, everything got redesigned, just as a new game. A lot of features at design have been added.
  • New Tridimensional Character Login Screen
  • New In-Game Interface and Menus
  • New Backgrounds, buttons, bars etc
New Character - The Summoner
th_81626_Creating_The_Summoner_122_869lo.jpg th_82304_Neil_Summoner_Skill_122_256lo.jpg th_82338_Sahamut_Summoner_Skill_122_423lo.jpg
Yes, you heard it right! The new addition to episode2 is a NEW character, called the summoner. I am sure that some of you heard of it already and always wanted to play and feel it! Now you got the chance with us!
  • First Class: Summoner
  • Second Class: Bloody Summoner
  • Third Class: Dimension Master
  • New Skills for this class. (Deadly skills: Neils, Sahmut etc)
  • New Weapons (Summoner Sticks) and Sets for this character
  • New Wings (Wings of Despair, Wings of Catastrophe)
New Map: Elbeland Kingdom
th_82590_Elbeland_Map_122_447lo.jpg th_82592_Red_Wing_Summoner_Set_122_234lo.jpg
Even if it is the only new map of episode2, don`t be discouraged. This map is completely different. It has multiple types of lands in it, making it look like a big, vast world. Desert, Ice, Storm, Forest and many more! Although, this map is the home of the Summoner. It includes 8 New monsters, which will make your adventure look more realistic!
Skill Tree (Once at Master Level)
Being similar to other MMORPGs, this skill tree offers you to learn new skills once you reach level 400 and are at Master Level also known as 3rd class. However, we are still in development with this, as it requires a lot of work. We will add it as soon as possible, as we are already working on it!
The skill tree is divided in 4 main categories:
  • Offensive skills
  • Defensive skills
  • Enhancements
  • Universal skills
Below, there is a short movie, which we posted since the early BETA servers:
getstarted.gifDownload Full Season3 Episode 2 Client: HERE Register your HasteMu account: HERE Ask for support in our forums: HERE
Enjoy your gameplay and be amazed of the new features!