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8th August 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hurrian Comapnions are a Multi-Gaming clan based on the values of teamwork, loyalty, and friendship. Since its re-start in 2001, *HC* officially plays 3 games: Delta Force 2, Delta Force:BHD, Americas Army, and soon Freelancer.

Americas Army is new to *HC* and we would like to get it started ASAP!

What we are looking for-

We are looking for players of almost any skill level to join and carry out simple clan tasks.

All you need is-

15 honor MSN or AIM (preferably MSN) 13 years of age or older Valid E-mail

We are already signed up on TWL and ClanBase and soon on Cyber Amatuer League (CAL). We are esspecially looking for people able to create or even buy a server.

The first ones to signup can get high positions!

Since i cannot postt URLs please look in my profile for the *HC* site and my E-Mail If you are interested in joining please register for our AAO site and Post the following info in our forums: name: game name: MSN id: AIM id: honor: E-mail:

See you on the Battlefields!