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29th June 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Yo.I JUST,Finaly acquired ethernet service and i have every thing i need to start gamming online(halo 2):lol:.But I cant get a hold of a suscription trial number for xbox live(original xbox).non of the places in town have any and a dont want to wait even longer to get by mail through a service:bawl:.So my question is,does ANYONE out there happen to have a extra subscription card,like if you've ever bought two new games and they both came with one in each...I'v been trying to get this dealt with for a year and am now finaly enabled.almost.Just woundering if i can settle it quicker.WhatsHisName.:lookaround:

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18th July 2003

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#2 11 years ago

Exchanging trials is against the TOS of Xbox Live, I believe.