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#1 14 years ago
I am Playing this game for a month, and I don't know whether to take care of my army and modify it, and increase no. of soldiers, or to take care of my settlements, and I have 35 one, and now Funds are turning to negatives (It was -6000 and then -12000 and then -20000) and don't want to use any cheats, what can I do?:bawl:

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#2 14 years ago

You could play the tutorial, they explain a lot about how to take care of settlements there. If you want to bring an army unit back to it's full strength you have to send it to a city which can recruit this kind of unit and repair it (button next to the recruit button in the city-view). If you have problems with money just scrap some of your more expensive units, buy roads and markets and sell your map information.

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#3 14 years ago

If your gains are negitive, take a look at what's being spent on what, but I bet it's either A. You have too large of a army or B. your simply building too much, I suggest you cut back your army, and build more trade roads, farms docks and mines.