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#1 14 years ago

Hey people, i am on a hunt for this oldschool game i remember playing as a young-un. A demo version of it came with an (APC i think?) mag i bought years ago, and it was called "4th Generation" or "Fourth Generation" It was a side scrolling shooter, where you control a blue spacecraft, shoot enemys to earn money, and at the end of a wave or level, you can purchase upgrades for your ship. It was very similar to the game "Raptor: Call of The Shadows" (but side-scrolling). Oh yeah, and if it hasnt rung any bells for anyone, the boss at the end of the first level was a large, long spaceship with eyes and teeth painted on the nose :rolleyes: If anyone knows the game i am talking about, or knows how i can go about finding it (google is ruled out, try searching for the title and you'll know what I mean:( ) please link me to a download, or contact me at: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] i think ill die if i never find it.. you know how it is :p Cheers! -Chris :D