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14th December 2019

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#1 2 months ago

I am trying to reskin the female player characters as well as Bastila. I am at a loss. Searched multiple places and still no idea how. Help qould be much appreciated.

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13th June 2008

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#2 2 months ago

Hello! You may get more replies if you let us know which game you're referring to :)

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14th December 2019

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#3 2 months ago

Okay I am referring to KOTOR.

Thanks for letting me know.

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11th November 2003

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#4 2 months ago

Is there a specific reskin you are attempting to apply or were you trying to start from scratch?

It's been a long time since I've played KOTOR, but as I recall, it was simply a matter of downloading the texture reskin that you want, placing it in the override folder, and then using KSE to change the character model.

I just grabbed a random file, but this mod changes the model for Calo, and according to the readme you just drag and drop and change the stuff in KSE if you wanted to use it for the player character.

All that having been said, if you're looking to create or change a character skin from scratch and haven't done this before, well, I would definitely recommend downloading mods that alter the same kind of stuff and then from there deconstructing how it's made. There's quite a few reskins for Bastila to start from over on the network site!

KOTOR Tool will probably be useful to you as well in this.

Good luck!

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