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#1 9 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm sort of new to the forums but to make this long story short.. My brother on runescape had got hacked after I gave my account to him a while ago >.> it was a decent high level character. It had over 600mill in items.. (a lot of money).. He's very upset in losing all his skills and money me and him have earned. I've been trying to find a character close to that lvl so he can have fun and continue again:P. But my question to you guys is do you have any runescape accounts that you don't need that's a decent high lvl, so that we don't to start from scratch.. Much appreciated if anyone can help me out, thank you. [EMAIL="dark3ndfang@aol.com"][/EMAIL]

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#2 9 years ago

Yeah...you know what I think I'll hold on to mine sorry. The whole fun is to get to the best!