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30th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hey you think you got skillz at Starcraft & Warcraft?

Play at WCG 2004 US preliminary!

How about proving yourself going up against the nation's finest?

If you really ARE good you'll be playing on World Class level

representing your country trying to go for the gold & CA$H through WCG 2004 US preliminary


To top it off, I also heard that just by signing up, regardless if you actually

play or not, you could win a prize of either a Shuttle Game PC, Samsung Digital Camera,Nvidia Graphic Card, and last but not least a Samsung MP3 player.

(Oh.. by the way, did i mention it's free to sign up?)

but you'll have to do it fast cuz the

Registration period is July 17 ~ August 15

Following is the detailed information about WCG US online preliminary.

[WCG 2004 US online preliminary]

Who: All players who love Starcraft / Warcraft and have a US nationality

When: Registration Period: July 17 ~ Aug 15

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#2 16 years ago

Might I suggest you post this in the Warcraft clan forum? Generally advertisements in the wrong place are deleted or moved. :uhm: