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#1 2 years ago

I picked up the first two episodes for this a while back to figure out how the game is. I'm a long time HITMAN fan, and wasn't expecting the world from it. But goodness, this is a franchise that has taken a turn for the better.

Many may remember Absolution as a bit of a failure. It was a good game on its own with a nice story, but it was a terrible Hitman game. The levels were linear and even though they added the Contracts feature, it felt empty and useless with the linear levels.

For World of Assassination, IO Interactive have taken a 180. They've gone back to what made the Blood Money levels great, and amplified it. Whereas in Blood Money you had big levels but only one spawn, World of Assassination gives you big, open levels with multiple "insertion" points and ways to set up your mission.

This thread was actually prompted because they just released a Holiday pack today, completely free of charge. The mission - called Holiday Hoarders - is an overhaul of the first level of the game. It has been given a Christmas feel, with new challenges and disguises, and was released in support of the World Cancer Research Fund. They've encouraged players to donate what they can to the fund, but pointed out it's by no means necessary in order to enjoy the Holiday Hoarders pack.

The 'Holiday Hoarders' mission gives a festive feeling to the existing Paris location with snow, decorations and even presents, which have been scattered all around the palace. Unfortunately, not everyone in attendance at the fashion show is there to spread festive joy. Two thieves have gained entrance to the fashion show event and are stealing the presents. As Agent 47, it's your job to stop them, for good. If you are able to get to the presents first, feel free to open them and use whatever you find inside to help eliminate these two sticky bandits...