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#1 13 years ago

HKS Started from HKHP. HappyKillmore's Happy Place is the community that Happykillmore (clan leader) created. There were tons of members in HKHP so we decided to make |HKS|, happykillmore servers. HKS started off with bf1942, moved onto DC, bf2, CS1.6 and many others. Now we are on Americas Army too. We 9 bf1942 servers, 1 DC, 1 BF2, SWAT4 and 1 BFV.

We now have our own HKHP Random Weapons and Admin Games server. 16 slots, with random weapons and admins to provide you with games and fun. Give us a try

We are dedicated to strive to give you a great experiance in americas army with fun only. We do not compete in the AA division.

[COLOR=red]There are admin slots available to help regulate our server and create a fun experiance with games, admin scripts and more.[/COLOR]

To join, Sign up at http://www.hksclan.us/ (our clan website) or Xfire me at pointblank78. You can also email me at [EMAIL="easternski1000@yahoo.com"]easternski1000@yahoo.com[/EMAIL].

Have a great stay at |HKS|