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5th May 2007

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#1 13 years ago

alright i want you guys to make an enemy troop creator that like i can build that basically requires no resources to build and no ppl to make an army so that when i build a big *** city i have some1 to fight it lol and make it a challenge i want to re-enact a few Lord of the Rings.... A few books battles you guys havent heard of probobally ("Legend" By David Gemmel) and my own forts also im gonna need to build outside my influence lol any mods for that one i want to do is from that book and is fortress in thge mountains (not actually in them but surrounded by them) where the only entrance is the front and at the front there are 6 gates and in-between those gates is just upen area which is a kill zone because they have to break down the door and when they run through they'll get slaughtered by arrows then in the center of it all once u get passed the gates is a castle (dont have one of those but a town center will do). and i cant re-enact this stuff without some of these things