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5th January 2006

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#1 13 years ago

I just recently built my budget rig about a month ago, so the hardware in there is pretty much new stuff.

The problem I'm having is with Homeworld 2.. I'm unable to rotate the point of view using either right click or wheel buttons. When I can rotate the camera it's at a very delayed rate; usually from 10 - 15 seconds...when it decides to rotate. It's even acting as if there's low FPS...

I tried a fresh install with various mice on lowest settings..and still no change. Any thoughts what so ever?

I'm pretty damn sure my hardware is more than enough to run homeworld2...but the way it's acting is as if it's a hardware problem?

EVGA 8800GT EVGA 750i mobo Intel E8400 3.0ghz Dual Core