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17th June 2008

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#1 1 year ago

I'm trying to have an in depth look and compare and contrast the various ways someone could get their PC games since it isn't always possible to get PC games physically and nowadays even if you do there are some caveats due to increasing sizes of games. At the same time I'm a bit of an old timer and there is something special about getting it physically.

Anyway, I'd like some input on the various platforms that I could use to get the most bang for my buck with the least hassle, short term or long. Few questions and observations to start with:

1. Which platforms are the safest should you choose to buy online?

2. Which platforms offer the best deals and at what times? Are they worth any of the problems that might be faced in the future?

3. Which platforms have the best refund/exchange/etc. policy?

4. Which platforms offer the most bug free/ compatible and complete (i.e. all dlcs or expansion packs as they used to be) releases? I know GOG is often quoted as actually making PC games from the early 2000s work better on modern hardware but I'd like input from others.

5. Which platforms are least likely to destroy your library for a liability/malfunction on their own part? What with games getting as big as they are now and me having only so much hard drive space I can't keep an entire library installed but I also saw one modder on the nexus boycotting steam because of a supposed malfunction on their part for which they blamed him and took away his entire library.

6. What are the ways that are still good to buy physical copies? 

7. Are there any benefits? I know that some of them give you a disk but you will have to download massive amounts of data to play the game anyway. I do get the feeling that having your library trashed would be more a problem on your end in this case however.



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3rd June 2020

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#2 11 months ago

Well, obviously, Steam. Perhaps you’re new to gaming or you’ve always bought your games offline, at a brick and mortar store, so you don’t know about Steam.

Steam is the most popular place to buy games. It has a great selection and accepts most currencies. Check reviews carefully at Steam because it’s the most open platform when it comes to allowing developers to add their games to its store. The quality of games on the platform can range from superb to just terrible.