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8th November 2005

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#21 15 years ago
Chemix2I think with the way technology is going, we're going to see neuro interactive systems in the next few decades. Think the Matrix, only instead of a 6 inch rod going into your brain, it's sent through a wave emitter device. It seems dangerous and it is, but dangerous things catch on, such as cars, which are propelled by explosions, albeit contained, but still the point stands. Polygonal modeling and 2d texturing will pass as we enter the age of atomic based worlds and random generations and virtual genetics.

yeah that's my point. Someday will we be able to play Virtual Reality games.


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27th October 2005

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#22 15 years ago

Chemix2 may not be that far off. They're already working on a device that will be able to read individual brain waves and patterns that will enable people to do such things as, unlock doors, turn switches on or off and other simple tasks just by thinking about it. Wont be long until science is able to manipulate brainwaves using devices that make your brain react in a way that thinks it's in a virtual world of some sort or maybe a virtual vacation. Of course this will prob all come to pass after we are all old or dead.:(



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20th April 2005

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#23 15 years ago

Holograms are coming soon, we will also be carying our games on USB sticks/Flashdrives withen a few years. Graphics will improve for 5-10 years after holograms come out beacuse not everyone will buy one right away. I think that we will soon have pure realism in our games then full interictve enviroments.

(sorry for spelling it's late and i can't think)