How Many Hours A Day Do You Game? 53 replies

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11th January 2006

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#51 12 years ago

I just borrowed KOTOR. I was warned not to get too addicted to it, but it didn't help. I probably play 6-9 hours now. That's a lot. I'm in a more vegetative state than a coma paitent . . .

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9th July 2005

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#52 12 years ago

I used to play alot all day.But since I got the internet I prefer just looking around and posting here and stuff.


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#53 12 years ago

Weekdays 2 hours Weekends 12 hours


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16th November 2005

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#54 12 years ago

I dont play games as much as i once did. I spend alot of time working so when i play a game its usually only 2 hours. After 2 hours i get bored and do something else.